about us

Cove is a small shop carrying plants (mainly indoor), and a curated selection of décor and gift items including candles, ceramics, baskets, wall art, books, jewelry, scarves, and natural specimens such as corals, minerals and insects.

Since 2003 (in one iteration or another) we have enjoyed doing business in the Lower Haight.  We endeavor not to be formula retail, and don’t care much about the latest trend.  Beauty is timeless and should take you out of time, however briefly.  Come in and be lost for a little while, meander, enjoy a bit of sanctuary.  Or, if you’re in a hurry, we can help you choose the perfect last minute gift and get you quickly on your way.

Our plants come from local growers and local wholesale nurseries and are thus well cared for all along the supply chain. We do not buy from Amazon or other large discount retail outfits.

We offer adoration-worthy objects, from the natural world and from the human hand-- the rare, the exquisite, the lush, the wondrous, and, because we strive to keep our prices low: the attainable.

Our motto and our mantra is “find something beautiful“  and means not just to come upon a beautiful thing, but to learn a thing’s loveliness by unlocking it with your perception.


c o v e [ k o h v ]


a small indentation or recess in the shoreline of a sea, lake, or river.

a sheltered nook.

a hollow or recess in a mountain; cave; cavern.

a narrow pass between woods or hills.

a sheltered area between woods or hills.

verb (used with or without object), coved, cov·ing.

to make or become a cove.